What we believe

We believe in getting back to basics. We believe in the simple things that never fail to make us happy. We believe in trusting again, in loving again. We believe there’s someone for everyone, and our mission is to find that someone and contribute to your happiness. We believe in quality over quantity, passion over statistics. With DestinyConnect by Destiny Matchmakers, you can share as much or as little as you want. We are committed to earning your trust to build our trust, and being there for you even when the going gets tough. Above all, we believe that your Destiny is in your own hands. We’re just here to help.




How we do it

There’s no secret here- it’s hard work and persistence.

Like we mentioned, we’re getting back to basics. There’s no algorithm involved here. We take the time to personally search and select candidates according to your values and expectations. If we ever ask you to step out of your comfort zone, trust that it’ll be worth it!

Let us do the work, and you do the dating. We are always reviewing our candidates to ensure they are still a good fit for the Destiny Matchmakers community. We conduct background checks and meet all potential matches before the first date so you can have one less thing off your plate.

We respect the privacy of our clients and ensure that they won’t run into people they already know.

We require all of our admitted members to abide by the terms of service and code of conduct upheld with Destiny Matchmakers.


We are a team of bilingual, experienced matchmakers from the U.S. now living in Argentina. We are bringing this concept to Buenos Aires to help both porteños and the international community find their perfect match. The Matchmaking industry in the United States has paired millions of successful couples since it began over 25 years ago. With Destiny Matchmakers, it is our mission to bring this matchmaking success to create happy and lasting couples in Argentina.

President & CEO / Relationships coach

I’m originally from the United States and have lived in Buenos Aires since 2011, dividing my time between Buenos Aires and Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida. This gives me a unique perspective of both cultures, and an understanding of the unique aspects of dating in both Argentina and the U.S. In this way, I have insider insight to bring the best of both worlds to Destiny Matchmakers.

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